We have briefly stated these things as a tribute to that most holy martyr, the Lord Gengulphus, considering it disgraceful that the light of so good and great a man should remain concealed under the bushel of silence. 

[Vita I]

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Abbeville (80), sculpture of the trial of Ganea, illustration
Amalgaire, duke, founder of the monastery of Bèze
Amorbach, church of St  Gangolf, illustration
Androw of Wyntoun
Annéot, holy well
Armour in the Saint's iconography
Arnulph son of Alpais and Godefrid of Hainaut
Barham, the Revd Richard Harris
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell
Bede, the Venerable
Bentley's Miscellany
Bèze, the monastery of
Boso, a paralytic of Rolceas, is miraculously cured
Bourcia (39), church of St Gengulphe, illustration
Canonization of St Gengulphus
Ceolfrith or Ceolfrid, Saint
Champvans (39):
painting of St Gengoux, illustration
Charlemagne, charter relating to St Gengoux de Scisse
Clothaire III, his intervention at the monastery of Bèze
Coronet, as an attribute of the Saint
Cross, as an attribute of the Saint
Dagobert I, his connection with the monastery of Bèze
Death's Jest Book
Documents of State witnessed by the Saint, a false fact
Drosendorf, statue of St Gangolf, illustration
Duchy of Burgundy, arms of
Einsiedeln, chapelle St Gangulf, illustration
Florennes, Belgium
Fontaines les Grès, as the original site of the purchased spring
Frisia, as a location of the Saint's activites
Gandersheim, Hroswitha of
Ganea, the Saint's wife
her punishment
Gangolf d'Avallon
Gangolfsömmern, arms alluding to St Gangolf, illustration
Gangulfus 'Lord of Langres'
Gangulfus Bishop of Constanz
Gauntlet, as an attribute of the Saint
Geldina (?Gedinnes/Djedene), the removal of the Saint's relics
Gengulfus 'Advocatus' of Bèze
Gengulphus, the name and its variants
Gennes (25), equestrian portrait, illustration
equestrian statue of St Gangulphe
painting of the Saint purchasing the miraculous spring, illustration
Gerard, Saint, bishop of Toul
Gingo, Whoever has heard of St
Godefridus count of Griso Monte
Gonzo, fourth abbot of Florennes
Griège, Chapelle de St Gengoult, illustration
Guessling (57):
statue of the Saint in the church, illustration
Hawk, as an attribute of the Saint
Homunculus Mandrake
Horse, as attribute of the Saint
Hroswitha of Gandersheim
Icon of St Gingolph by Marie Lavie, illustration
Iconography of St Gengulphus
Ingoldsby Legends
Ingoldsby, Thomas
Ivory Gate, The
Jackdaw of Rheims
Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
John the Baptist, St, the relic of his thumb at Florennes
Jouvence, Fontaine de
Kelsall, Thomas Forbes
Kluftern, figure of the Saint, illustration
statue of St Gangolf, illustration
cartouche representing St Gangolf, illustration
Gangolfsaltar, illustration
Lance, as an attribute of the Saint
Langres, church of the Saints Géosmes
Lautenbach (68), church of SS Michael and Gangolphe, illustrations
Lay of St Gengulphus
Lesser Dionysiacs
Livre Chainé de Mâcon
Lochleven, Scotland
Mass for the feast of St Gengulphus
Méligny le Grand, Cross of St Gengoult, illustration
Messkirch, Meister von, painting of St Gangolfus, illustration
Miracles of St Aper
Mosaics of the Saint:  Varennes sur Amance
window depicting the Saint, illustration
statue of St Gengulphe, illustration
statue of Gengoul (Jean Goul), illustration
figure of St Gengoul in porte-cierge, illustration
Moxhe, equestrian statue, illustration
Name Gengulphus, and its variants
New Cecilia, The
Notherus, bishop
Precursor Precursoris Domini as a title of St Gengulphus
Reinoldus the priest
Relics of the Saint:
Rolceas (?=Roly), the cripple of
Sacey (10), statue of St Gengoul, illustration
St Gengoux de Scissé (71):
a very early dedication to St Gengoux
painting of the Saint
St Gengoux le National (71)
observances at the Fontaine de Jouvance
window depicting the Saint
painting of St Gengoux distributing alms, illustration
St Serf's Inch, Scotland, Augustinian Priory
Scotland, The Orygynale Cronykil of
Secondary relics of the Saint
Spear, as an attribute of the Saint
Spring of water, as an attribute of the Saint
Staff, as an attribute of the Saint
represented as a General's Baton
Sword, as an attribute of the Saint
Tallenay (25):
la source miraculeuse, illustration
ruins of the original chapel of St Gengoul, illustration
painting of the Saint, illustration
Thomas Ingoldsby
Trotter, Lemuel Gengulphus
Trier, fresco in the church of St Gangolf, illustration
Vita I, a résumé
Varennes sur Amance:
as the home of the Saint's aunts 
Chapel of St Gengoult, illustration
the place of the Saint's burial
mosaic of St Gengulphe, illustration
La Source Miraculeuse, illustration
Vaux sur Lunain, holy well
Vuillafans, carving of the Saint, high altar retable, illustration
painting in side chapel reredos, illustration
Waldelen, abbot of Bèze
Werricus, abbot
Wierre au Bois, holy well
Willegossa and Willetrudis, aunts of the Saint
portrayed in window at Toul
recover the body of the Saint
Wodehouse, P. G.
Wolpertswende, statue of St Gangolf, illustration
Wulfran, saint
Zimming, chapel, spring and oak tree

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