The following poem has no connection with St Gengulph whatever. It was composed by Fr Leighton Sandys Wason, the celebrated Parish Priest of Cury and Gunwalloe in the diocese of Truro. As it broadly reflects (by anticipation), the philosophy of this website, and does not appear to be available elsewhere on the internet we give it here to serve as - to employ a quaint expression of the previous millennium - our 'mission statement'.

indignum arbitrantes, tantum ac talem virum silentii modio contegi
et non ad profectum atque utilatem omnium publicari. 
Vita I.



Many a mad magenta minute
     Lights the lavender of Life;
Keren-happuch at her spinet.
     Psalms the scarlet song of strife.
     Keren-happuch is my wife.

Spinet carving olive stanzas,
     Orange fricassées of sound,
Nicotine extravaganzas
     Like a cheese at evening found,
     Sitting primrose on the ground.

Spinet cast thy chiaroscuro
     O'er the omelette of the past;
Drawn from thy enamelled bureau,
     Bind thy night-shirt to the mast,
     Derelict but not outcast.

With a harsh pea-green 'Remember'
     From the horoscope of Ruth
Frame the language of December
     With the silver-gilt of Truth,
     Consecrated to thy youth.

Fr Leighton Sandys Wason

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