of the life of St Gengulph

There are four mediaeval Latin texts which give us some knowledge of the life of St Gengulph and of the early development of his cultus. They are:

  • The Passio Sancti Gongolfi Martyris - a C10th verse life composed by Hroswitha of Gandersheim. Referred to hereafter as Hroswitha.

  • A second, extended, prose life (Vita II) also exists; but although this contains additional material relating to miracles performed at Toul which were attributed to the heavenly intercession of St Gengulph, it derives its biographical material entirely from Vita I mentioned above.

  • Our knowledge of the developing cultus of St Gengulph is greatly added to by an C11th text, the Historia Miraculorum Sancti Gangolfi, written by Gonzo, the fourth abbot of Florennes in Belgium. This, written in a most engaging style, recounts in detail and with much human interest some 37 miracles which occurred at Florennes in connection with the relics of St Gengulph which were kept there.

Some portions of Vita I, Hroswitha and the Historia Miraculorum Sancti Gangolfi, have been translated into French in Paul Pierret's St Gengoux, Patron des Mal Mariés. A translation into French of the entirety of Vita I by the late Jean-Philippe Royer has been recently been published in Annales de Bourgogne.  The poetic works of Hroswitha of Gandersheim have been translated into English as part of a doctoral thesis presented to Saint Louis University in 1936 by Sister M. Gonsalva Wiegand, and into French by Monique Goullet.


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